Information about COVID-19

Bisnode has a continuity- & crisis plan to ensure the continuity of our operations in various types of scenarios that may occur. The continuity plan determines in detail how we should act if one or more of these scenarios occur. We monitor developments and continuously evaluate what actions we need to take. 

  • We follow and analyze information from WHO and local health authorities. This is the basis for information and conduct for our employees and consultants to limit the spread of COVID-19. 
  • A Corona task force is established and will ensure that we are constantly monitoring the situation 
  • We have a solid Business Continuity Plan in place covering, among other things, pandemic/biological preparedness. We are ready to activate our continuity plan when necessary. 
  • We have a clear strategy for mitigating the possible effects of the Coronavirus and ensuring system redundancy. This includes, among other things, making all stored data and applications available in the cloud, enabling staff to access work applications, email and data securely from both our offices and from home. 
  • The measures and steps we take are in alignment with guidelines given by local authorities and WHO. 
  • Information for our employees is posted on our intranet